CRC Bar Crawl Sun 10/6

  • Sunday, October 06, 2013
  • Park at Elk Mountain Brew Pub and ride to Creekside Bikes
The ride would start at Creekside (or park at Elk Mountain and ride to Creekside) around 9:00am  It would take Crowfoot to Rock Bottom (Stop #1).  After a beer/breakfast stop, it would meander up Daniels Park Rd towards Lincoln with a stop at On the Rox. (Stop #2).  Move on from On the Rox to Dry Dock, through Cherry Creek reservoir (Stop #3).  After some libations at Dry Dock, head on back home ... But wait, instead of calling it a ride,finish things off at Elk Mountain (Stop #4).

It is about 50 miles total.  For those that want a shorter ride, start at On the Rox, and it is about 30 flat miles.  It is conversation pace and there will be multiple regroup spots.

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